Thursday, August 2, 2012

Unusual,Coolest,Best and Unique Websites

1- Eventifier - Lets you archive your events using photos,videos,slides,tweets etc.

2- Bugmenot- Provides free web passwords to bypaas compulsory registrations.

Absolutely Mind Blowing! (Image source:- thefrisky)
3- Kabalarians- Provides a free analysis of your name. This site can help you in finding a name or changing a name.

4- Makeownringtone- Lets you make your own free ringtones.

5- Wordnik- Find definition and meaning of any word in a better way with the help of lists.

6- Awkwardfamilyphotos - Collection of awkward family photos from all over the world.

7- Deathclock- Lets you know your life span. Check when are you going to die?

8- Neave- A digital playground to pass your time. Make sure to visit this site in your leisure time.

9- Papervision 3d- Enjoy the life of ocean in your desktop.

10- Sign Now- Lets you sign your documents in one go.

11- Weightandthings- Enter your weight and see your weight is equal to how many other funny things.

12- PeoplePlotter- Lets you easily create schedules.

13- Wiziwig- Watch live television, live sports and listen to live radio.

14- Pipl- The People search engine. Find information about any people.

15- Join.Me- Provides free screen sharing and online meetings.

16- VirtualPiano- This website is for music lovers. If you are ready to learn or play Piano, this website is waiting for you.

17- HideMyIP- Hides your IP address and lets you surf anonymously.

18- WhatShouldIReadNext- Finished your book reading? Find out which book to read next?

19- - Lets you start an online newspaper by gathering data from a variety of sources.

20- Lets you publish amazing magazines on any topic.

21- Kissing- If you want to learn the art of kissing then this is the website you should look for.

22- BharatiyaMobile- Helps to track any Mobile Phone number.

23- Predpol- A website helping to reduce crimes. 

24- Hulu- Watch TV online free.

25- In20years- See how would you look 20 years from now.

26- Captcha - A software which helps to distinguish between bots and humans. It is seen on every almost every web form on the internet.

27- Yourmechanic - You can hire mechanics that will come to your home or work to fix your car. A great service!

28- Divorce Busting - Provides information on how to save your marriage.

29- Twimbow- Helps in effective managenement of social media accounts. 

30- Dailymugshot- Take a daily photo of yourself.

31- Dailylit- Read books via email.

32- Spookeo - Search people and connect with your friends.

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