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Seo Game Over For Low Quality Exact Match Domains- EMD Update

The Seo game is over for low quality exact match domains. Until recently many companies have booked exact keyphrase domains to get an upper hand in the search engine rankings as Google highly valued the keywords present on the domain name. Now, Matt Cutts (head of the Google's web spam team) has tweeted "New exact-match domain (EMD) algo affects 0.6% of English-US queries to a noticeable degree. Unrelated to Panda/Penguin."

What are exact match domains (EMD)?

Exact match domains are created with respect to the keywords or keyphrases that a brand is targeting. Some examples are shared below:- (created with the purpose of ranking for keyphrase "Honey chilli potato" (created with the purpose of ranking for keyphrase "Hotels in Manesar"

(The examples above are just shown as an example, these bears no resemblance to any brand or online business)

Who will get hurt in rankings?

Those domains would get hurt who ar…

Link Baiting - How to Use it Effectively

Link Baiting is a process of getting viral backlinks by creating some free widgets and offering them for free or by creating content based on recent topics that gets some quick backlinks to the site.


It can be termed as any strategy or any feature added on a website that generates many backlinks to a website within a short period of time. Anything that attracts the attention of the user and generates backlinks to a website is known as a "link bait". 

Link Baiting Techniques

There are several link baiting techniques that are used by webmasters and some of the widely used ones are explained below:-

1- FREE Ebooks, Widgets and Tools

People like stuff that are offered free! Therefore, any Ebook, widgets or tools that are being offered  for free catches instant attention of the user and gets backlinks. This is one of the long term and most preferred strategies.

2- Infographics

The current marketing trend and tools have given rise to the creation of infographics and these are…

How to contribute towards the growth of the seo community?

The Seo community is growing with more and more people joining the seo industry to meet the rising demand of search engineoptimization and social media services. With this immense growth we can expect a highly rewarding and lucrative seo career in future. But, what are we doing to contribute towards the growth of the seo community?
Do something original
We all have become bored of copying others so its better to do something original. Originality is tough but it lasts longer. Do some research, create some strategies which you can say, its completely my brain child. This will help towards the growth of the entire community. Take inspirations from people like Danny Sullivan, Aaron Wall, Rand Fishkin, Barry Schwartz, Bill Slawski etc.
Accept White Hat Seo practices
I know its difficult to accept complete white hat seo practice but trust me, the immense long term benefits which white hat seo gives is uncomparable to short term and spammy black hat seo tactics. Accepting white hat seo would…

Infographics-An Easier Way to Get Backlinks to Your Site

Infographics are trending on the internet. There are used as a backlink bait by many of the popular brands. It serves as a dual advantage as it benefits both the creater and the user. The creator of the infographics is benefitted by getting a backlink to its website and the user of the infographic has an advantage of displaying visual friendly content on the site.
What are Infographics?
Infographics is short form for "Information Graphics". These are image visualization of data or information. It draws inspiration from Pictographs which are used as a picture language. Human mind accepts visual data more accurately and clearly than the raw text data. This concept relies heavily upon the creation of images which are used to convey complex data,graphs,information etc in an easier way before the audience.

by Hot Butter Studio. Learn about infographics software.

How to create Infographics? 
You may create infographics via photoshop or other image editing software. Before cre…

Don't know Scuba Diving? Don't worry! Dive Underwater with Google Maps!

Do you love adventures and scuba diving? Well, it's time to be happy as Google has introduced underwater panoramic images to Google maps. It would help you to explore six of the world's beautiful coral reefs. Here is the video that would help you to learn more about this new introduction by Google:-

Explore the World's Wonder Project 

1- Great Barrief Reef Queensland Australia

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Using Google Plus For Seo Can Give You Better Results

Google Plus is social networking site similar to Facebook but it is the most useful site for seo purpose. It was launched on June 28th, 2011.You can create a personal account, a business page, add people to circles or manage hangouts on this social media platform provided by Google. 
Google + can provides various benefits related to search engine optimization. These benefits are discussed below:-
Advantage 1
Your URL is indexed faster
Stories shared on Google plus are indexed almost instantly by Google. Hence, you can use the power of Google Plus in making instant indexing.
Advantage 2
You can connect and share stories with a network of 400 Million people 
Google Plus is growing with a network of more than 400 Million people. Sharing a story on a popular social network such as Google Plus would increase the chances of higher visibility and user engagement.
Advantage 3
You can get Plus ones which are counted as a 'vote' towards the quality of content present on your site
Plus ones ar…

Creating An Online Marketing Campaign That Works

Download and Share Interactive Tweets!(Soon to be added as a feature on Twitter)

Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo revealed his future plans about Twitter that a new tool is to be launched soon which would allow the users to publish selected tweets and also download their favorite tweets, thus eliminating the need to depend on third party applications.Many of Twitter users are dependant on Tweet download  for downloading their old tweets. Now, Twitter plans to launch their own free service.Among the new added features would be 'Tweet boxes', known as cards and include lots of live features.Let's see how well it does among the 500 Million odd users that Twitter has.( Source:- Reuters)
Here is the video of the conversation that happened between Dick Costolo, CEO Twitter and Emily Bell, Professor of Professional Practice at Columbia Journalism School.

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How to Decrease Bounce Rate of Any Website

Bounce rate is the measurement of web traffic that leaves any website from the landing page itself. This measurement is helpful in judging the value of a website that is presented before the user. If the website provides useful contents to the user, there are greater chances that the visitor would visit more pages of the site apart from the landing page. The search engines use this as the factor in the ranking of web pages. Hence, it is essential to decrease the bounce rate of a website and allow users to visit inner page of your site and spend some time. The question that arises is, how do we decrease the bounce rate of a website? Well, there are several ways to do it. This post discusses some vital ways which is really helpful in decreasing the bounce rate of any website and allows the visitors to spend some more time on the site.

Tips for Decreasing Bounce Rate
1- Compare the quality of content with the keywords the web page is ranking

Suppose your web page is ranking for the term …

SEO Industry Statistics

The Seo industry is growing at a rapid rate and is expected to increase even more in the coming years. Some vital points regarding this important wing of the internet marketing industry is shared below:-

1- Seo is a highly rewarded industry with revenue generated  far above than PPC and SMM.

2- Seo is a concept that would continue as long as the search engines remain. Hence, it is a stable industry that won't die soon.

3- Countries where most of the seo related work  is outsourced are India, Pakistan and Phillippines.

4- Until now, over 13 million blog posts have been published with the term "Seo" in the title.

5- The average salary of Seo is around $67,000 P.A. (Source:-

The graph below explains the statistics of the Seo industry in detail.

Source: Blue Caribu
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