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Creating An Online Marketing Campaign That Works

Often overlooked, an online marketing campaign is vital to having a successful website. Because many of the marketing options are free, people commonly try to do everything they can find. In doing so they often get burned out, or create a haphazard marketing approach that has very little effect. By taking the time initially to lay out a marketing plan, you can maximize your efforts in a way that wastes little time and gives you maximum results. Below are a few things you can do to get started with a successful online marketing campaign.
Money through online markting campaign
Successful Online Markting Campaign Earns! (Image source:- Twentieshacker)

Once you have decided which items, assign a number of pushes you wish to do each week. For article writing, it should be no less than 1 per week. Blog posts should be no less than 3. With social media such as Facebook, a good rule of thumb is to only post items when you are promoting a new product, or having a sale. This applies to email. 

1-      Guest Blogging
 One popular and often free way to increase traffic to your website is through guest blogging. At least once a month you should try to have a guest blog posted on a related site. Doing so can increase your visitors, as well as give the perception that you are an expert in your field. Plus you can get the added bonus of a link back to your website which helps with SEO.

2-      Creating a blog
These entries are typically less formal than proper article writing, and should be updated at least once a week for maximum effect. Again, include an email sign-up sheet at the end of each article.

3-      Email marketing
 This is tricky, as so much of the email we receive is junk. In the event that you begin to collect email addresses, take care when crafting your emails, and make sure that they provide value and pertinence to the reader. 

4-      Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization is the science of promoting your product or service through utilizing select keywords and ensuring that your site is indexed correctly by search engines. Given the popularity of such web platforms as Word press, this is kind of a no brainer, as the majority of the templates are already optimized. In the event that you are having your website custom designed, talk with your designer about SEO and make sure that they have a firm grasp on how to properly implement search engine optimization from the beginning.

5-      Social Media
Like email, this is a bit tricky. Users of social media will quickly turn against a product or service if they view it as you are only there to try to push your product. A great place to start is Facebook. Starting your business page on Facebook is free, and you can use it as a platform to start testing your online marketing campaigns. Make sure you do not overdo it, make sure all of your posts contain some value driver so as not to ward off potential customers.

Go through this list and decide what ways you are most comfortable marketing your product or service. There are several options and ways that you can promote your business. When beginning your marketing campaign, consider the options and which you feel the most comfortable with. They will all require work, but with a marketing plan in place, you will be focused and getting the most out of the work that you do. As you narrow down the list of ways that you plan to market, you will begin to find a pattern in what is working and what is not.  Using these tactics you will be on your way to having a successful online marketing campaign.

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