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Link Baiting - How to Use it Effectively

Link Baiting is a process of getting viral backlinks by creating some free widgets and offering them for free or by creating content based on recent topics that gets some quick backlinks to the site.

Link Baiting
Link Baiting (Image source:- Poptent)

It can be termed as any strategy or any feature added on a website that generates many backlinks to a website within a short period of time. Anything that attracts the attention of the user and generates backlinks to a website is known as a "link bait". 

Link Baiting Techniques

There are several link baiting techniques that are used by webmasters and some of the widely used ones are explained below:-

1- FREE Ebooks, Widgets and Tools

People like stuff that are offered free! Therefore, any Ebook, widgets or tools that are being offered  for free catches instant attention of the user and gets backlinks. This is one of the long term and most preferred strategies.

2- Infographics

The current marketing trend and tools have given rise to the creation of infographics and these are widely used as a link baiting strategy by the webmasters. To know more about infographics and how they are used for link building, visit:- Infographics an easier way to get backlinks

3- Controversy

People get attracted to fresh controversies. If you are talking about some controversies in your website or blog then people may try to link to it. This may go viral and generate backlinks within a short period of time.

Link Bating Examples

Some great examples of link baiting can be found by visiting the references given below:-

Whitehat Linkbait

Here is a video from Matt Cutts that explains how to get Whitehat Linkbait for your site:-

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