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Measuring Social Media ROI

Measure Social Media ROI (Image source:- motivatorsblog)
Measuring Social Media Return On Investment (ROI) is an important part of any social media marketing campaign. Its the proper analysis and measurement of social media activities that helps in calculating the profits that a particular business in getting in its efforts put across various social channels. Nowadays, brands are literally spending thousands of dollars on getting an effective social media presence, hence proper measurement becomes important.

How to Measure Social Media ROI

 Google analytics is by far the best tool in measuring the conversions your business is getting via social media. To activate this option, you need to create a goal which can happen if a person reaches a particualar page or takes a particualr action. Goal creation and tracking helps to get your business track the series of events which heppens before a conversion is made. Careful analysis helps in measuring the Return On Investment.

The presentation above clearly explains some vital points related to the measurement of Social Media ROI.

Formula for the calculation of ROI

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