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Microblogging sites list- Top 10 Microblogging sites

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Love Microblogging (Image source:- docstylist)
Microblogging refers to creating smaller posts and updating them on a regular basis. It is similar to blogging with the difference that Microblogging has an increased frequency of posts witn a lesser number of characters.  There are several other Microblogging sites apart from Twitter and the list of Microblogging sites are given below:-

Top 10 Microblogging sites

1- Twitter - Allows you to send small posts known as 'tweets' upto 140 characters in length.

2-  Posterous- Although it has been acquired by Twitter, but still you can create your own spaces on Posterous.

3- Friedfeed - Second most popular to Twitter and allows you to share interesting stuff with your friends.

4- Plurk - With an extremely simple interface, it allows you to share any stuff as short posts.

5- - Another Microblogging service slowly gaining popularity.

6- Meemi - Combines the power of social blogging and social networking together.

7- Tout- Allows you to create 15 seconds video updates on your phone.

8- Ima Hima- A Japanese Microblogging site allowing you to update your current status of location, activity and mood.

9- Dailybooth- Have your say with a picture.

10- Adocu - It's a nanoblogging service allowing you to post just 1 word in your posts.

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