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SEO Industry Statistics

The Seo industry is growing at a rapid rate and is expected to increase even more in the coming years. Some vital points regarding this important wing of the internet marketing industry is shared below:-

1- Seo is a highly rewarded industry with revenue generated  far above than PPC and SMM.

2- Seo is a concept that would continue as long as the search engines remain. Hence, it is a stable industry that won't die soon.

3- Countries where most of the seo related work  is outsourced are India, Pakistan and Phillippines.

4- Until now, over 13 million blog posts have been published with the term "Seo" in the title.

5- The average salary of Seo is around $67,000 P.A. (Source:-

The graph below explains the statistics of the Seo industry in detail.

How big is SEO industry
Source: Blue Caribu

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