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Seo Secrets- How to Rank High in Google (7 Secrets)

Girl Shh Seo Secrets
Seo Secrets (Image Source:- Technologytell)
This post discusses the top 7 Seo secrets which is helpful in making a website more search engine friendly. You must use these tactics in order to get huge traffic to your websites. 


Secret 1 – Domain Authority

Websites that rank high have a high domain authority. Therefore you must build backlinks  in the correct manner so as to increase the domain authority of your website. To learn more about domain authority, read Seoresearch series on domain authority and its relevance on Google search results.

Secret 2- LSI

LSI stands for Latent SemanticIndexing. It is a measure to accurately predict the contents of the web page. Read more about Latest Semantic Indexing. Content written keeping in mind the LSI research ranks high on search engines.
See the seo research series on - How does Google applies semantic search 

Secret 3- Using Keywords in the target areas of the web page

Sites that use keywords in the main target areas like the title tag, description tag, H1 tag, Alt tag etc ranks high. But make sure not to do use it excessively or else your site might get penalized.
Of course you first need to find out the keywords that would do best for your business.

Secret 4- Keeping Quality Content on your site

You must keep quality content on your site because this is the basic thing which every user is looking for or more appropriately searching for. If your website answers users queries deeply and effectively, Google and other search engines would rank you high. To get some idea, read what is good content?

Secret 5- Getting Backlinks and Citations

From where you can get backlinks completely depends upon your Seo strategy but getting backlinks is the most trusted Seo secret. This is the most important metric for ranking high. Get backlinks from authoritative sources and watch the magic happen.
Also getting citations is really helpful in local Seo. So instead of ignoring citations, you must concentrate on it.

Secret 6- Maintain Social Media Balance

Social Media is taking a big leap and search is following that. News, stories, events shared on popular social media channels are indexed almost immediately and given rankings. Use this to your success and make it a strategy to regularly share your website’s inner pages with your targeted audience. This is a part of marketing so you must follow the rules of marketing.

Secret 7- Follow Search Engine Guidelines

The biggest secret to Seo is following the search engine guidelines. I strongly recommend every Seo to follow these guidelines. This would help you to create strategies that take you in the right direction. There is no need in getting temporary rankings. Doing Seo in the right direction would take to higher up in rankings with stable position which would remain least affected with Google updates. 

Here are the links to search engine guidelines:-

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Very Informative post to rank a website on search engines. Its very hard to find websites explaining a concept with examples to make understand users about the concept. Great job
@softwaredeveloperscouk I am glad that you liked it. :)
Anonymous said…
Try and get links that point to your pages from high-quality websites. The search engines value quality over quantity, and you can usually get a lot more link juice from a reputable website with a very high page rank than you can from a large number of lowly ranked sites.
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