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World’s Top SEO Conferences

As search engine optimizers, it is our duty to keep track of the changes that are going on in the search engine marketing industry and the best place to explore the changes and gather information about them are SEO conferences. There are several Seo and social media conferences which go on in various countries of this world but the popular ones are Search Engine Strategies, Search Marketing Expo and Pubcon. 

SES Conference (Image source:- sesconference)
Search Engine Strategies (SES) Conference

The most popular of all the Seo conferences is the Search Engine Strategies (SES) conference. It focuses on search and social marketing. It can be attended by junior level executives to the senior level corporate. It is held in several countries of the world like US (New York and San Francisco), India (New Delhi), UK (London), China (Shanghai), Singapore, Canada (Toronto) etc. It started in the year 1999 and since then has continued to host several conferences every year.

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Search Marketing Expo

SMX is the leading search engine marketing conference hosted by It helps internet marketers to remain updated about the happenings going on around Google and social media.It is held in many cities of North America, Europe, Australia etc. 

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It started in the year 2000 in the London Pub and since then came to known as the Pubcon. It attracts a lot of expert industry professionals from all over the world and is mostly held in the United States of America in places like Las Vegas, Hawaii, Boston, Austin etc.

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