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YouTube Marketing Best Strategies

YouTube is the world's largest video sharing website with over 800 million unique visitors each month. Its better to promote your business or services on YouTube if you want to target those 800 million people who visit the website each month.

YouTube Marketing Strategies and Tips

1- Add a Catchy title

YouTube Marketing Tips (Image source:- Pauldunay)

A nice and catchy title would persuade people to watch your video. Its better to add keywords in your video title so that people are able to search your video. 

2- Add a smart description

People do read descriptions before watching the video so it is recommended to add a brief description of your video which compels the user to see the video.

3- Add a link to your website

Add a link to your website from the video description.This would help your website to get traffic from one of your popular videos. 

4- Share your video Url on Social Media

Once you have uploaded the video, share your video url on popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Myspace, Orkut etc. The more shares the better views you will get for your video.

5- Get backlinks for your video Url

Video url should be promoted same as a website url. You must get backlinks for your video url in order to make it look trustworthy and popular. 

6- Promote your channel

You can consider your video url to be an inner page of a website and your channel to be the home page. Hence, it is necessary to get backlinks for your channel page. The more authority a channel has, the better its videos are ranked on YouTube.

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