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How to Keep Your Facebook Fans Engaged and Happy

Google Now Cards to Ease Your Life

Life is set to become much more easier with Google Now which offers full control to you in getting information at just the right time. Now you can get real time traffic information, restaurant reservation, event reminders, movie showtimes, nearby photo spots, weather updates etc.

Here are the list of what Google Now can do for you:-
Shows weather informationShows traffic information based on current location,location history and web history.Shows real time flight statusOne touch hotel navigationInstant reservation updatesReminders about eventsTracking your packageMovie showtimesShows concert updatesReal time information on stocks on based on web history and Google finance portfolioReceive emergency messages via public alertsSee breaking newsSee public transit informationGet suggestions nearby hotels and restaurants based on your current locationGet instant updates on nearby attractionsGet instant updates on popular photo spots nearby Effective translation servicesCheck local conversio…

Seo Search Operators

The search engines allow searching for specific information from the immense data that it compiles under the several data centers scattered around the world.  There are several search operators that helps search engine optimizers to do their job in a much easier way.
Site Operator
The site operator helps to find web pages from a particular site. Syntax: - Site: It gives an idea about the total number of pages from the website that is present on the search engine database.
Variations:- – “Indian travel” The above command returns results from the domain that do not have the words “Indian travel” present on them. The above command returns results that contains the words leaving pages from the actual domain. In a similar fashion, you can use the site operator as per your needs.
Link Operator
The link operator helps to find the number of backlinks to a site. Syntax:
Info Oper…

How to Optimize for Bing

Bing is the second most popular search engine of this world after Google. It serves a limited set of audience and is worth optimizing for. Recently Bing merged with Yahoo and captured a total of more than 25% of the search market share. Bing relies heavily on several on page factors and ranks a web page putting more weightage on the presentation of content.
Make Use of Title Tag
Title tag is one of the most important elements that is weighted more than anything else by Bing. Having your main keywords in the title tag is needed if you want to rank for those keywords. But, you should also think of the future updates while optimizing your site for the Bing and try to use as user friendly title tag as possible. An ideal tag should be between 65-70 characters, using your main keyword at the front of the tile tag and some eye catching marketing slangs after that. This would make your title look genuine and also help to increase the clickthrough rate. 
Make Use of Description Tag
The descript…

Now You Can Verify Your Website on Pinterest

Pinterest has recently announced in their blog the procedure of verifying your own website on Pinterest profile. Verifying your website helps people to see the full site url on the profile and the search results.
How to verify your site on Pinterest? 1- Login to your Pinterest profile and go to the settings page.
2- Click on verify website.
3- Download HTML verification file.
4- Upload the HTML file on the root of your server.
5- Now click on "click here to complete the process"
6- Verification successful.

Read more here:-

If you are having a Tumblr blog then you may proceed as per the instructions mentioned herein :-

Here is what you will see after you have verified your site:-

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Effective Customer Care through Facebook

Facebook has become one of the biggest channels of customer relationship for businesses. Companies have adopted to the changing needs of the customer and adopted a friendlier approach to providing effective customer care management through Facebook. It is an awesome way to solve customer queries quickly and easily. Here are a few tips that would help in making customer management a breeze through the official Facebook channel. Using Facebook as a Customer Care ChannelBe Polite When Referencing People
Politeness is the key here. Effective customer management is possible through the behaviour of your lead representative on Facebook. When posting responses in your official channel, make sure you are polite, understanding and caring. A wrong step taken can cost you the entire reputation of your brand.
Give a Detailed Response
Always try to give a detailed response to all the customer queries. Keep the conversation going on the wall and continue the conversation until the customer is sati…

Use Twitter Cards to Tweet in More Than 2000 Ways

Twitter has definitely progressed a lot in making tweets come out in a more detailed manner. Twitter cards are the recent advancement in the area of interactive tweets that would make your tweeting memorable. Twitter has expanded its platform and now offers the ability to tweet in more than 2000 ways. 
What Twitter Cards Can Do for You?
Twitter cards can help you expand your tweet and display more content on it directly. It gives you more power and flexibility regarding the visibility of content on the shared tweets.Interactive presentation of tweets helps in increasing the number of followers and driving more traffic to your website.
Twitter has issued three card types which are explained below:-
Summary - It includes a title, description, thumbnail image, and Twitter account attribution. Photo - It includes a Tweet sized photo card. Player - It includes a Tweet sized video/audio/media player card.
How to Enable Tweets to Use Twitter Cards?
To enable the shared tweets to use the power o…