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Benefits of Blogging in Seo

Maintaining a blog for your business gives you advantage over your competitors. The way you maintain your blog increases your chances of ranking higher up on the search engines. There are several benefits of blogging in search engine optimization which are explained below:-
Blogging benefits
Thumbs Up to Blogging for Seo (Image credit:- slackstory)

1- It gives your thought more exposure

Blogging is a great way to give more exposure to your thoughts. Maintaining a nice blog requires a little bit of extra effort but it opens up a new channel to discuss your thoughts with your audience giving you more chances of increased visibility and shared feedback. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to add more content on the front page of your website, in those cases blog comes as a rescue and helps in spreading your words with the world.

2- It makes your website strong

Yes, it does make your website strong as it increases the total number of pages in your website. Sites that are having a higher number of pages are favored more by the search engines. More the number of pages on your website, the greater chances you have to rank for varied key phrases all related to your main business.
3- It adds fresh content to your site

There is no better way than Blogging to add fresh and unique content on your website. Updating your blog on a regular basis increases the frequency at which new content gets added to your website. This forces the search engine crawlers to visit your site more often. The advantage of fresh content increases your chances of ranking high on the search engines.

4- It makes internal linking easier

Internal linking is one of the major factors in decreasing the bounce rate of a website and exploring the power of anchor text to the full extent. While writing posts, you must remember to add contextual links wherever required. Do not create anchor text but rather use words that come out naturally as anchor text. This type of internal linking builds a strong bond between the pages of your website and increases the chances of good rankings.

5- It keeps your customers updated

Blogs are a great way to keep your customers updated about the new services and updates regarding your business. Your customers can subscribe to the RSS feeds to receive instant notifications regarding the updates of your business. It gives direct visitors to your website and makes it look important in the eyes of search engines.

6- It gives you natural backlinks

Blogging gives you complete power to write on almost any topic related to your business and visitors often this content useful. It increases the chances of getting backlinks to your blog posts. This helps in building your domain authority and raises one of the factors of ranking higher up on search engines.

Some Tips for Effective Blogging

1- Make sure to add unique content to your blog. Do not try article spinning or duplicate content as these would do more harm than benefits.

2- Be regular in updating your blog because regular addition of fresh content would increase the value of the site. Updating it daily would be great for Seo.

3- Do not keep repeating your main anchor text phrases but rather use internal linking for the general benefit of your audience.

4- Keep the ad to content ratio acceptable. Your blog is not a place to display ads but rather make it a place where people can find useful content.

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