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DMA Annual Conference 2012 Las Vegas | More than 10000 Professionals Expected to Attend

In one of the major social marketing events of 2012, the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) is hosting its annual conference this Sunday in Las Vegas. The conference is expected to be attended by over 10000 professionals from more than 50 countries of the world.

Time has come to attend the DMA conference in Las Vegas 2012 (Image credit :- Manchester Essex)


DATE   October     13- 18    2012

TIME   Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

What is expected from this conference?

This conference is expected to host discussions on the latest marketing trends. There would be 100+ sessions distributed over five days.Some of the widely known topics of discussions are :-

How to Monetize Social Media?
How to Optimize the Social Channels?
How to Optimize Content for Proper Marketing?
How to Generate More ROI (Return on Inverstment)?

Who will be present?

The event would be having some of the well known personalities of the marketing industry. Some of the popular names would be :-

Bryan Schroedar, Senior Director, Global Advertiser Product Marketing, Yahoo
Linda Young, Director, Addresable Advertising Solutions, Axciom etc.

Here is a video which would give you an insight into the conference.

For more information about the event, visit the following links:-

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