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Google announces field trial to show search results from Gmail and Google Drive

Google has recently announced in their blog about a recent trial which would enable the searchers to fetch information from their gmail and google drive accounts. Google recently conducted the August experiment where it integrated search with gmail and got some positive user reviews. This is the reason they are experimenting with yet another feature into their search results.For example, if you are searching for
"Joker" then Google would search for information related to "Joker" in their database along with your gmail and google drive account. The normal search result presentation would remain the same. Two new elements i.e search results from gmail and search results from google drive would be added on the right hand side. These two separate columns would be seen only if you are logged into your gmail account and your account is having information related to your search query.

What will you see?

*Emails that are relevant to your search
*Information related to upcoming flights from your gmail account
*Files stored in the Google Drive

See it yourself

These are the search results that would be seen when searching in your gmail.

These are the search results that would be seen when searching in the Google query box. Note the two elements seen on the right hand side of the search results.

Interested in being a part of this experiment?

Join by using the link given below:-

Join here

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