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Google Releases Video to Share Views on Guest Blogging For Links

We have seen a lot of webmasters engage in the practice of guest blogging in the recent years. Guest blogging is a better way for building links to a website but quality remains the biggest factor. Having a genuine author profile, author rank, quality article, original article all contributes in increasing the value of the link. On the other hand, a post merely written by counting the number of words fails to satisfy the user needs. Guest blogging should be done keeping these factors in mind and its also the responsibility of the webmasters, not to approve guest posts that are known to have a low quality post.

Here's what Matt Cutts says about Guest Blogging

Video Transcription:- 

"Today's question comes from San Fransisco and the question is what is google's view on guest blogging for links? This is another one of those questions where there are a couple of ways to interpret it, one is really high quality guest blogging whether that's worthwhile and I think it is in some cases and the other one is, what if it goes to extremes, what if you take it too far. So, let's talk with the easy case, if you are high quality writer , you know, give a shout out to Lisa Brown, she is at a conference and she is blogging and may be she wants to give a guest blogging in some other blog, that blog should be happy to have her. Vanessa Fox, Danny Sullivan, these sorts of people who write something on a different blog; in general you should be happy to have them write an article for you bcoz they are bringing in a lot of insight, a lot of knowledge to that. So, that could be totally fine, good win for the person who hosts and who has that guest blogger come in and it can be a great way for may be, someone who isn't not quite well known but writes well to be known a little bit better. So, that's the short and simple answer."

"The longer answer is..sometimes it gets taken into extremes. You see people writing, you know....offering the same blog post most of the times or spinning the blog post and offering that to multiple outlets or it almost becomes like low quality article bank sort of stuff...hey, I am going to send you 5 post or something like that; so you definitely see a lot of people where its like OK, I am going to write this blog post, well actually I am going to outsource that blog post to somebody else who is not an expert and then I am going to just insert my hyperlinks that I would like to get into a blog post.So, it's a long time honored tradition to have high quality blogger jump back and know collaborating in different ways, just be mind for that it can actually be taken to extremes and in the same way that some practices which make a lot of sense when you think about high quality people....ah...when you're just doing it to sort of turn the crank and get a massive number of links, that's something we are less likely to count those links."

"'s...I hope that's clarifies a little bit, that's definitely a case for the kinds of links where you really want to think which way you want to say, you have a message, you sweat over, you have some perspective, you really want to get out there and then there is some way...its just like OK , you know, this was just 300 words and its the bare minimum to get buy and for better of the worst, I think the Seo space, there is a lot of know....2,3, 400 words is the bare minimum to get blog post get buy.Whereas, the sorts of links which we would like to be counting more would be the higher quality articles where somebody put some work into it and have something really original to say."

"Anyway, hope that gives you a little bit, a fuel of this space and which guest blogs would little more be a higher value and which ones might not be as worth the time for you to do."


Sean Rasmussen said…
it would be great if you can be more descriptive on this video. Like pointing out special areas 'we' bloggers must take note of. Great transcription nonetheless.