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How to Check Which Keywords Are Delivering Traffic to Your Competitor’s Website?

It is vital to the success of your business to know accurately about the key terms responsible for delivering most of the traffic for your competitor’s website. It is only then that you can focus your attention to target those keywords to outrank your competitors and get your own websites listed on top. In order to make that possible, you need to find out the exact traffic generating keywords. So, how can you make that possible? Well, there are several online tools which would enable you to accurately find out the traffic generating keywords. 

Spy on your competitors (Image credit:- businessinsider)

These tools are mentioned below:-

The best tool for analyzing a website and checking the keywords for which it is ranking is Alexa. You can see backlinks to a website, the demographics, the total popularity and the keywords for which it is ranking.

Helps to track the site's major organic keywords. It also displays the top paid keywords for which the site is ranking. 

Helps to see the major organic keywords, major organic competitors, ads keywords and competitors in ads. The tool has various features like checking a site's status in Google and Bing respectively. You may also check the sites major keywords with respect to a particular country like US,UK,Canada,Russia etc.

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