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How to Get More Traffic From Pinterest

Pinterest recently surpassed the number of referral traffic by Yahoo as reported by searchengineland.This was great news for the Pinterest team and for the marketers who were putting in lots of efforts in the efficient marketing of their products and service on this great social media platform. Now, the big question arises as to how can we get loads of traffic to our own website via sharing images that directly gets a lot of user attention. Here are a few tips which could help in boosting your Pinterest marketing efforts:-

Increase Pinterest Traffic
Get Traffic From Pinterest (Image credit:- Mashable)
1- Share Best Images That Gets A Lot of User Attention

Pinterest is all about repins, the more repins your image gets, the more visibility it receives. Maximum visibility  helps in getting free referral traffic to your website or blog.

2- Get Help From Google Trends

Google Trends can help you in choosing the topics for your shared pin. It's really easier to get traffic if you focus on creating content on topics that are really trending. People are already doing a lot of searches on these topics and the content available is less. Google always tries to find fresher and recently updates content. If your board gets a pin on the active trend then Google may send a lot of traffic to your pin which would help in receiving user attention. On the other hand, people searching on Pinterest on the trending topics will see your pin, thereby increasing the chances of repins. 

3- Write A Suitable Pin Description

Do not make the mistake of keeping your pin description empty. Have a catchy description and include all the important points and information which you want to promote. A suitable description helps the people understand the topic clearly and easily.

4- Use Hashtags

You can use hashtags to describe your pins the same way as you use in Twitter. Hashtags increases your pins visibility on the search results and on the trending topics. People are able to locate your pins easily and more repins are made this way.

5- Schedule Your Pins And Remain Active

Remaining active is the key to capture a lot of user attention. If your board is constantly updated then it make your marketing activity even easier than before. Having lots of images on your board increases the chances of repins. You can schedule your pins to be posted at a time when people remain more active.Marketers face a lot of geographical boundations and time becomes an important factor to get the visibility that remains missing. If you are unable to spend hours together on pinterest, then it is always better to schedule your pins to be posted at a later time.

6- Syndicate Feeds For Your Board

You can explore the power of rss feeds in promoting your pin.Every board is having its own individual rss feeds. To see the rss feed of your board, remove the last slash in your board url and add .rss in place of it. An example can be seen here:-

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