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How to Keep Your Facebook Fans Engaged and Happy

Loyal Facebook fans is one of the most prized possessions that one could keep in today’s virtual world. The biggest challenge that the online marketers faces is keeping their Facebook fans happy and engaged. Businesses have skillfully acquired millions of fans on their Facebook page but the newest strategy which they should adopt is keeping those fans engaged in some way or the other.

Ways to Keep Your Facebook Fans Happy

Add Regular Updates via Popular Social News Sites
Fans always need fresh and interesting content on their choice of topic and the best place you can find valuable content is via social news websites like,,, etc. Most popular stories from around the world can be gathered with the help of these sites. You may then use these stories and post it on your Facebook page via status updates. 

Master the Art of Writing
Happy Facebook Fans
Happy Fans (Image credit:- Pic2fly)
Having an impressive style of writing is required. You need to master the style of writing in order to make your stories look interesting and compelling. Instead of saying “John has won a lottery worth 5000 dollars” you can say “Who else wants to win 5000 dollars? ". 

Create Social Stories
Stories are liked by most of the users. The popular way to keep your fans engaged is by creating stories that relate to your brand well. 

Add Photos and Videos
People like pictures more than text. Hence, it is better to use pictures in your status area rather than simple text. You may also use videos which would help your audience to have something to feed on. 

Host an Event
Timely hosting of events that can generate buzz about your company is an awesome way to keep your fans happy. Fans like to be a part of an event, where they can learn something or win something. Events are the perfect way to enhance your existing capabilities on Facebook.

Use RSS Feeds
You may use rss feeds of popular blogs to share recent stories or updates regarding your company. Rss feeds is a hassle free and time saving technique of keeping your status updated all the time.

Tag Photos
Whenever you share any photo on your FB timeline, make sure to tag it. Tagging helps to increase the visibility of the shared pic and invites more user engagement. Tagging should be done intelligently and should use limited audience for every pic.

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