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Link Building Secrets to Success

Using the tips given below, the first thing to make sure it that your links actually directs to your landing page. On this page, you should have a meta description, keywords and content. Make sure that these three matches up to the sites being linked form.

Your landing page can be your home page where you offer women’s handbags for sale and some tips on choosing the right bag for the occasion. The keywords for your page can be “handbags”, “women’s handbags”, “designer handbags”, etc. Your landing page’s meta description can be “handbags for any occasion”.  Your content must show images and description of your handbags and their corresponding prices, etc. If you linked to a website about baby bottles, this link is referred to as a weak link. If a link comes from a website that manufactures bags, it is then called as a relevant link. If this relevant link has plenty of relevant links on it, then it is called a strong link.

When it comes to searchengine page ranks, plenty of weak links may have the same impact as one relevant link. Your website can simply go to the first search engine results page even if it only has a few but relevant links. Strong links will just make your efforts lighter and may give you faster results.
Link Building Dart
Link Building Secrets (Image credit:- vectorarts) 
          Forum Posting. This technique can work well but you should ensure that the forums rules allow members to post links on your posts or in your signature. There are some forum sites that allow you to post links in your comments and in your signature after you have contributed a number of posts. There are also some that allow you to post links in your signature only after a period of time, say 90 days of membership. Just respect the rules to avoid getting banned on the site. 

          Write articles within your niche. A lot of people write articles related to their services or products. This is one way to build links but a better way to do it is to refer your brand, services or products in your articles. It can’t be considered as advertising as long as you don’t bring up your company name. 

           Write reviews. Write both neutral and positive reviews of your services and products into sites that let users write reviews. Don’t just be content with adding one positive review for each of your items. 

          Post link bait. This is done by posting content on your landing page such that readers would want to link to your page under their own free will. Creating link baits can take plenty of experience because it takes a lot of convincing power to persuade other people to do something on their own. 

         Use social media. Encourage your fans and followers to link to you through forums, comments, chat rooms and their own websites of social media profiles. Persuading your fans and followers to link to your landing page is an effective tactic as long as you don’t do it excessively. Some businesses uses buzz marketing on various social media platforms but this is only effective if your fans truly like you and they will more likely agree to link to you if you just ask them to.

All of these tips will lead you to successful internet marketing of your business.

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