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New Google Search Quality Updates: Page Quality, Location, Proximity most important

Google recently posted an update on their blog mentioning the important changes they did to their search quality for the month of August and September 2012. Among the 65 changes they made, the most important ones for determining the rankings of a web page were page quality, location wise search terms and term proximity. Let us now, discuss about these factors in more detail.

Focus on Quality (Image credit:- matomymedia)
Page Quality

More focus and weightage has been given to the quality of the web page so its necessary to have a super high quality content page for your users. The Panda algorithm is working behind the curtains for this page quality signal, hence making changes to your web page as per the Panda recommendations would help you to rank well on the search results. The most important ones are listed on the link below:-


Location based queries would return more accurate results than before which means local websites would see a jump in rankings for search terms containing local keywords. Remember this is just a small part of the overall algorithm so smaller and less popular websites would hardly receive any benefit.

Term Proximity

Proximity scoring is a part of the “Query Understanding” project which means it has become easier for Google to predict search queries entered by the user. This would help in returning more accurate results before the user. Proximity of the query means closeness of the search terms. 

Hence, considering the value of the points discussed above, it is much better to shift our focus on getting a better page quality, have the page locally optimized keeping in mind the term proximity score of our major keywords. This is surely going to benefit our tasks as search engine optimizers.

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