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The Celebrity Lesson for Seo

You all must be wondering, how can a celebrity help in Seo? But, what you read is right! This post would explore the positives to take out from a celebrity while planning your Seo campaign.

Let me answer the biggest questions first-

Who is a Celebrity?

Well, a celebrity is a normal human being who has received immense popularity, love and respect from his/her fans and has achieved the status of Celebrity. Celebrities can attract millions of people because people have fallen for the charms and skills possessed by them.

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The Positives

More popularity
The status of a celebrity is not given to each and everyone. It comes to those few lucky ones who are capable of attracting huge followers.

More fans
Fans are an integral part of the entire celebrity status. Some people are always ready to follow their celebrity in all cases whatsoever. Fans make the person real celebrity.

More engagement
At the end of the day, it’s all about people. Interacting with people, interacting with fans and making them happy becomes an everyday task.

More love and respect
People give more love and respect to a celebrity. Enjoying these two important perks gives pleasure.

More trust
People trust the celebrities. This trust is not achieved in a day or two but rather years of hard work is the key for success and trust.

The Qualities

Doing something incredible
Having done something unique, something incredible makes them eligible to become a star.

Giving constant performance
Performance is the key metric. Constant performance which people love and praise makes a person a true celebrity.

Doing what the people love the most
It’s not about what you love the most but rather what people love the most. Ultimately it lies in the hands of the people to make or ruin the status of a celebrity.

The SEO Celebrities

Rand Fishkin – Made some incredible contribution to whole of the Seo community and became widely popular. Major Seo conferences from around the world have him as their speaker because they love and respect him.

Danny Sullivan- The popular Seo media expert who helps people receives the latest updates and happenings going on around the search engine and social media industry. Undoubtedly, he is a true celebrity.

Barry Schwartz- Getting the most attention from people all over the world because of his presence in some of the widely popular websites related to the search engine world. People follow and admire him greatly.

Bill Slawski -  Popularly known as the patent guru in the seo industry. He helps to uncover the various patents related to the seo world.

Websites that achieved a Celebrity status on the Web

Wikipedia- Constantly delivering useful content to a wide range of audience has made this website a true celebrity of the World Wide Web.

Facebook- The social media giant has enabled people to dream and communicate in a different way. Currently it is receiving lots of love of the people.

Amazon- The big fish of online shopping, this website has achieved a lot more than people can actually think of.

Twitter- People love this service as it helps them to communicate and spread their messages across the world in a better way.

Apart from these websites, there are various other websites that have achieved a celebrity status on the web so why can’t your website achieve the same?

Your Role as a Seo

Your role as a search engine optimizer should be to draw the attention of the people towards your website and keep them engaged. People should love and trust you. They must look towards your site as an inspiration and a genuine source of something they actually care for. Keeping a site that caters to the needs of the audience requires hard work and time and you must give both to achieve the status of a celebrity. 

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