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Top 3 FREE Tools to Analyze your Competitor's Social Media Presence

The tools discussed below are really useful in getting a quick glimpse of the social media popularity that your competitor is having. These tools can provide you with a brief overview of the amount of social presence that any website is having. Proper analysis can help it finding a rough estimate of the required social efforts to give a boost to your smo campaign.

Simple Yet Effective Social Metrics Analyzers

Social Mention
social mention
Social Mention
This tool helps you to analyze your competitors strategy and presence on a real time basis. Just enter the related keywords and see the magic happen. It gathers data from across the social media channels and presents in an attractive interface that shows the power of tweets, the users associated with the promotion activities, the hashtags and top social media channels used for promotion.

Social Searcher

Social Searcher
I love this tool because of its effectiveness in finding the stories and buzz related to your main keywords. This tool makes us of the top three social media channels which are Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Linkedin and Google Plus. The searched data is presented in three vertical rows which allows you to compare and take instant decisions. It also provides you with advanced options where you can adjust the occurrence of your main keywords, view data of any specific site out of Facebook,Twitter and Google Plus and change the popularity settings based on likes and Retweets, Plusones and Reshares.
Visit:- Social Searcher

Simple Bulk Social Metrics Tool

Bulk Social Metrics Tool
A simple tool with a clean interface allowing you to analyze the number of a Facebook likes, Twitter Followers and Google Plus Ones that a website has. The site also provides the option to download the report in CSV report. You can analyze upto ten domains in one go.
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Great Tools to research our competitors.Thanks for sharing. But we can do all research in twitter search box itself using twitter operators.