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Become a Google Top Contributor and Make the Most of Google's Products

Google is giving you a chance to become a top contributor in Google's forums and help each other make the most of Google's products.

Who are Top Contributors?
Top contributors, as the name suggests itself are widely knowledgable persons who continoulsy help people to solve their queries. Besides giving answers to questions, they also get a chance to test new features or give their views regarding product improvement.

The Benefits
Here are the benefits of becoming a top contributor:-

1- Display your expertise with other people with the top contributor badge.
2- Gain special access to Google member forum.
3- Provide feedback on Google's products.
4- Opportunity to attend trainings with the Google team.
5- Opportunity to receive faster product updates.
6- Get a promoted  profile page (See:- )

Criteria To Become a Top Contributor
Becoming a top contributor is not that easy and requires you to fulfill the fol…

Link Churning Can Make Your Website Face Google Penalty

If you are too busy removing bulk of your backlinks due to any reason then stop there! This practice can make your website vulnerable to Google penalty. Removing backlinks in bulk within a short period of time is known as “Link Churning”.
Some of the webmasters are involved In the process of removing bulk backlinks and then adding bulk backlinks to their site. This practice gives rise to an unnatural linking pattern and faces the penalty of Google.
More information about this can be found here:- Information retrieval based on historical data
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Why Paid Links Are a Violation of Google's Guidelines

Webmasters engaged in the practice of buying and selling links are in constant danger of being penalized by Google. Selling text link advertisements on your website or blog that passes Page Rank are a violation of Google's guidelines and sites caught selling these sort of links are penalized by Google by either devaluing the Page Rank of the Web Page or by applying other sorts of penalty.

It becomes important for the webmasters to review the Google's Webmaster guidelines so that they do not violate the guidelines. Webmasters may place text link advertisements on the site but only after they have added the "no follow" attribute on the links. This would save their sites from getting penalized by Google.

Not only the sites selling links are penalized but the sites buying links are also penalized in the same manner. Hence, it is necessary to avoid these sort of practices which aims to manipulate the original ranking algorithm of the search engines. If you want to make y…

Ontolo - The Complete Solution To All Your Link Building Needs

Backlinks are the essence of the site's rankings on the search engines along with relevancy. We as search engine optimizers know the value of backlinks and the importance it holds for getting lots of organic traffic via search engines. Many webmasters, link builders, search engine optimizers spend a lot of their vital time finding convertible link building opportunities. The task of finding good link prospects can be made easier by using Ontolo.

Here is a screenshot of how Ontolo enables you to find superior link prospects and allows it to save as a csv file.

With Ontolo, you can:-

1- Search relevant websites where you can get a backlink.
2- Filter the links based on Domain Authority, Moz Rank, Page Rank etc.
3- Save your searching data only once and the tool helps in searching new data every day.
4- New link building prospects are found based on the needs of your campaign.
5- Get notifications of new link opportunities on your email etc.

For a quick look at the features offered by…

Google Unable to Crawl robots.txt?

Many webmasters face the difficulty of googlebot not able to crawl their robots.txt file. There are several reasons for this like the server not allowing access to robots, improper configuration of robots.txt file etc. In order to check whether googlebot has successfully crawled the robots.txt file, you can take help of the following tools:-

1- Login to Google Webmaster Tools and check your robots.txt with "fetch as Google" tool located under health.

2- Check the server health with intodns and solve any DNS issues with it.

3- Check the server load time with Webpagetest.

4- Check your robots.txt for any errors with robotschecker.

5- Check if the server is allowing robot access with Websniffer.

Last, but not the least, have a look at this Google Webmaster video by Matt Cutts -

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SEO Quake Firefox Extension- Track Vital SEO Parameters

Seo Quake Firefox extension enables us to track vital seo parameters and helps to save lots of time. It is a firefox extension having three main parts:-

Seo toolbar
Vital Parameters on SERPS

What does it helps you to track?

Here are the important seo parameters which Seo Quake helps us to track:-

1- The Pagerank of any webpage.
2- Total number of indexed pages on Google.
3- Total number of backlinks to any web page.
4- Total number of indexed pages on Bing.
5- Age of the domain.
6- Presence of sitemap on the site etc.

Complete list of parameters

Here is a screenshot of the exact features of the vital parameters on SERPS

Install SeoQuake

You can install Seoquake by following this link:-Install SeoQuake

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List of Pinterest Board Names

Looking for the best Pinterest board names ideas to create your own board?

Pinterest is one of the most visually tempting social sites that we have come across in our lives. 

It allows you to create boards and pin items into it as per your choice. 

People have loved this new form of sharing images and lots of amazing boards are created every day. 

I have compiled a list of interesting Pinterest board names that are shared below.

List of Interesting Pinterest Board Names
Dog Gone It
Doggy Fever
Funny Cats
Fuzzy Buddies
Pretty Kitty
Horse Love
Cuddly Wuddly
Natures Wonder
Furry Things
Architectural Elements
Bran and Then Some
Words to Live By
Inspirations Arch Things
Architecture and Interior Designs
Buildings Signage Interiors
Prefab Architecture
Buildings We Admire
Churches Cathedrals and Churchyards
Street Art a Public Board
My Love for All Things Art
Art I Love
Cool Technology Gadgets
Women With Style That I Admire
Horror Supernatural
Street Art
Things from My Wall
Ideal Wheels

Optimizing for Baidu

Baidu is the most popular search engine in China. If your business needs targeting Chinese audience, then Baidu is the search engine that you should target even before Google. It was established in 2000 by Robin Lee and Eric Zoo. It mostly caters to the needs of the Chinese community and is better known as "Chinese Google".

How to Optimize Your Website for Baidu
Optimizing your website for Baidu requires the old school seo techniques in making your site more search engine friendly by having search engine friendly meta tags, better accessibility and authority backlinks. Being a Chinese language search engine, your content needs to be in Chinese, your site needs to be hosted in a Chinese location, needs to have backlinks from Chinese sites in order to get the benefit of good rankings.

Title and Meta Tags
Meta tags are probably one of the first seo elements you need to look in order to optimize your website for Baidu. Your website and all its inner web pages must have proper titl…

Determine a Keyword's Overall Worth With Netmark's Keyword Intelligence Tool

Every search engine optimization or Adwords campaign starts with proper selection of keywords. Its important to find out the real worth of keywords in order to fetch the maximum return on investment. Google Adwords Tool does provide you with all the data that you need to plan your campaign effectively. But, there are some other factors which when considered while selecting keywords can earn you a lot more positive results. These factors are well covered in the Netmark's Keyword Intelligence Tool. Now, let's discuss the awesome features of Keyword Intelligence.

Features of Netmark Keyword Intelligence Tool
1- It shows the Global Monthly Search Volume and Local Monthly Search Volume for selected keywords.

2- It shows the number of keyword competitors.

3- It gives an estimate of the Cost Per Click.

4- It shows you the amount of competition for individual keywords.

5- It gives an idea of the value of the keyword on a 0-100 scale.

6- It shows the SEO Clout Score which is a rough id…

Step By Step SEO Copywriting Guide

Seo Copywriting forms an important part of the overall Seo strategy. Having user friendly and search engine friendly content is required to enhance the overall user experience of your site. The below infographic helps you to understand the basic steps to transform your content into a successful piece of popular content.

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Search Engine Optimization Or Search Experience Optimization?

The battle starts with Matt openly discussing in a video that search engine optimization should better be known as search experience optimization. As per Matt, Seo is not about link building but making websites that are easily crawlable and provide a good user experience.

As per my opinion, Link Building is the most important part of Seo that involves various techniques. Some of them work really well and gives good returns to the businesses which invests in search engine optimization. Link Building would continue to be a part of the search engine optimization as it not only helps in increasing the visibility of the site but also helps to get referral traffic. Link Building is not bad as every business wants to have their brand name visible from as many web properties as they can. But, the way we build links is definitely an issue. Link building must be done keeping in mind the user experience and the link builder must avoid creating spammy links.

Matt is right, Seo should concentrate…

Now Get Business Accounts on Pinterest

Pinterest has recently announced business accounts for promoting products and services. Due to the constant popularity of Pinterest emerging as one of the best social media sites, dedicated business accounts were needed to get that edge in promotion.

How to Create And Use Your Business Account ?
Follow the steps given below in order to create and promote your business account on Pinterest.

Step 1

Create a profile or convert your existing account into a business account. (Visit -

Step 2

Verify your website and increase the visibility of your website on Pinterest. It would get displayed on your profile and help receive some referral traffic.

Step 3

Start creating boards and highlight special offers. There is no better way to highlight your special offers other than Pinterest. Explore the full potential of this amazing social platform.

Step 4

Start building communities and share useful stuff. You need to remain active on your board sharing images regularly.


SEO Effect of Links to URL'S Ending With a Campaign Tag

Dynamic sites often face the difficulty of having inbound links pointing to the Url's ending with a campaign tag (?hl=en ) as in ( etc. There are several ways through which you can capture the full value of link. These methods are explained below:-

Use rel Canonical Tag
The first option to capture the full value of link is by using the rel canonical tag. This tag can be included in the head area. It helps the search engines to find out the main url out of the several urls that your site might be creating. This helps in passing the full value of inbound links to the main url.

Use 301 Redirects
The second option is using a 301 redirect where you may redirect the page ending with campaign tag which you don't want to index to your main url. This helps in passing almost the full value of the link juice.

Use URL Parameter Tool
Google provides a special tool to solve this issue by way of url parameter tool. If you are able to find unnecessary urls which …

How to Find Out Which Keywords You Rank For?

It becomes rather necessary for a search engine optimizer to find out the exact keywords with which his/her website is ranking on the search engines. The big question then wonders in the mind of a search engine optimizer- "How to find out which keywords my website is ranking for? " .

Seo world has a lot of inhabitants in the form of tools. These hugely successful seo tools can make the things really easier for you.

Google Webmaster Tools (GWT)
You need to verify your website on the GWT before you start seeing the keywords you rank for. It shows you the number of times your website was displayed by Google with respect to a particular query by way of impressions. Besides displaying the average position of your website, it shows the CTR and the total number of clicks.

Seoprofiler helps to accurately display a list of keywords with which a site ranks for on Google. You will be amazed to see, how accurately it shows the exact keywords and their current rankings.

Here …

Social Media Business Demographics

Social Media has changed the way businesses promoted their products and services. These sites are used to identify and attract new customers. Many of the brands use social media to educate the customers about their products and services or to increase the brand awareness.

Creating business success through social media:- (From the infographic shared below)

1- Create a business profile on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
2- Start social networking with peers.
3- Experiment with social media tools.
4- Use Twitter daily.
5- Learn from the experts.
6- Determine how your success will be measured.
7- Do not spend too much time online.
8- Embrace customer reviews.
9- Consider using Groupon.
10- Ask each visitor and customer how they heard about business.
11- Remember it make take 6 months or more to measure results.

The below infographic originally published on zhsocial displays the social media business demographics in a clear and interesting manner.

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Why Seo is still favoured by organizations?

Seo is a part of internet marketing that is widely used all over the world to get visibility on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, Ask etc. Businesses hire competent and dedicated search engine optimizers to make their website relevant and search engine friendly. This helps them to get high rankings on the search engines for their chosen keywords. Once they attain the search engine rankings for the desired keywords, they start receiving traffic to their websites. Lots of quality traffic helps to convert into customers and ultimately the return on investment increases.

Seo is a long term marketing strategy which uses various methods to effectively promote a website on the search engines. These methods help a site to get enough visibility to generate viable leads for the company or brand. One of the most important factors which helps seo to succeed is its cost effective nature. Company spending dollars after dollars on PPC to get their sites ranked can hire …

Bing Releases Webmaster Guidelines - Content, Links, Social Most Important

Bing has released its first set of webmaster guidelines which gives importance to content, links and social. Although most of the search engine optimizers already give importance to these three factors and use them to make their website more relevant and search engine friendly. But thanks to Bing, webmasters would feel it easy to optimize their websites for Bing.

You can have a look at Bing webmaster guidelines here:-

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Now You Can Email Your Tweets

Twitter is set to introduce a new feature that will enable the users to email their tweets directly from The main advantage that it would offer to its users is that the tweet can be shared with people who are not present on Twitter.

As per the twitter blog -
"You can email a Tweet to anyone, whether they use Twitter or not, right from your Twitter stream or from the details view of any Tweet. Just click on the “More” icon next to the reply, retweet and favorite buttons in order to email a Tweet to anyone you know. "

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Facebook Introduces Pages Feed

Social Networking giant, Facebook has introduced a new feature today that would allow the users to see content from the pages that they have liked in the past. This new feature is known as "Page Feeds" and can be seen by clicking on the left side menu of your profile page. Page Feeds is a separate section of the regular news feed which will show you the latest feeds from the business,brands and celebrities pages which you really care about. This is a measure to filter out content from your friends with the content from the pages. 

New Feature for Page Only Feeds
As per the Facebook representatives "It’s a ‘Pages only’ view of your News Feed, making it even easier for people to keep up with the Pages they care about most.” 
(Source:- Originally published at Venturebeat -
Why Pages Feeds?
Facebook have received requests from the members that they want to see more feeds from the pages they are connected to. This gave rise …

Google's Take on Site-Wide Backlinks

Google may consider too many irrelevant site wide links as spammy and may take manual actions against the site hosting the links as well as the outgoing links. Not all site wide links are bad, but a few ones go far enough to be penalized.

Matt says, if your site is polish and you provide a site wide link to an English website with anchor text "Rent Cheap Apartments" then it would be considered spammy to the user as well as Google. These are the sort of activities which needs to be avoided. Many webmasters are engaged in the practice of acquiring irrelevant site wide links to their website just for the sake of increasing their overall backlink count. But, this sort of strategy would not work and might go totally negative, especially when Penguin is roaming around.

What Google Does?

Google compresses the site wide links and counts all the links as one link.

Are Site Wide Links Bad?

No, it is not bad as long as it is helping the user but when it becomes irrelevant then it faces m…

Facebook to Reach 1.5 Billion Visitors by the end of 2012

Facebook is growing at a tremendous rate and is expected to reach 1.5 billion visitors by the end of the year 2012. This is incredible achievement for the social media giant.

Top 5 Countries Where Facebook is Growing

Country             Growth Expected          Expected Visits

Brazil                        106%                        60.3M
India                         61%                          60.2M
Japan                       225%                         16.3M
S.Korea                   125%                          9.4M
Russia                       55%                          7.1M

Source:- Dreamgrow

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Analyze Backlinks - Useful Backlink Checker Tool

Analyze Backlinks is one of the best backlink checker tools which avoids the repetiton of domain while showing the backlinks of your competitor. You can use the power of analyze backlinks in order to spy down your competitors backlinks. It is commonly known as "Yahoo Site Explorer Alternative" and works effectively. It also offers you to generate a list of backlinks which you can save for future purposes.

Here is a snapshot of analyze backlinks

Some other alternatives:-


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Google To Take Action Against Spammy Guest Blogging Activities

If you are allowing too much of irrelevant guest post articles on your blog then this news can come as a shocker to you. Google is set to penalize websites that allow irrelevant guest post articles which ultimately links to irrelevant backlinks.

Matt Cutts has recently posted a video on You Tube suggesting that guest posts must come from relevant authors and the quality of the post should be of good standard in order to skip the penalization. Sites that are allowing spun content to be published on their sites in the name of guest blogging are surely to be penalized sooner or later.

What to do?

In order to make guest blogging work for you, follow the guidelines mentioned below:-

For Guest Bloggers

1- Approach webmasters that belong to your niche. Submit posts that are of high quality and user friendly.
2- Do not try and submit spun content.
3- Do not link to websites that are not related to the theme of your article.

For Webmasters

1- Do not publish low quality guest posts.
2- Check the a…