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Become a Google Top Contributor and Make the Most of Google's Products

Google is giving you a chance to become a top contributor in Google's forums and help each other make the most of Google's products.

Who are Top Contributors?

Top contributors, as the name suggests itself are widely knowledgable persons who continoulsy help people to solve their queries. Besides giving answers to questions, they also get a chance to test new features or give their views regarding product improvement.

Google top contributor
Google Top Contributors

The Benefits

Here are the benefits of becoming a top contributor:-

1- Display your expertise with other people with the top contributor badge.
2- Gain special access to Google member forum.
3- Provide feedback on Google's products.
4- Opportunity to attend trainings with the Google team.
5- Opportunity to receive faster product updates.
6- Get a promoted  profile page (See:- )

Criteria To Become a Top Contributor

Becoming a top contributor is not that easy and requires you to fulfill the following criteria:-

1- You need to become a member of the community for a period of 4 months or more.
2- You need to remain active on the forum.
3- You need to be friendly and respond well.
4- You need to have a deep knowledge.

Join the Contributor Program

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