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Facebook Introduces Dedicated Pages For Couples

It's good news for couples! Now, the couples can see their own dedicated pages once they are listed as a relationship on Facebook. The concept is nice and is a good way to keep the memories alive on Facebook. Once the couples are listed as in a relationship, Facebook creates a dedicated page for them which shows their relationship status, anniversary date, dedicated timeline, photographs and much more.

Here is a snapshot of what the couple page would look like:-

These new pages would be shown to all of those who are into a dedicated relationship and have explicitly specified their relationship on Facebook by changing their status. If you are the lucky one to do that then head over to and see your personalised couple page.

Couples, do not wonder, if you see a new login page next time you log into Facebook.

New Login Page for Couples (Image credit:- dnetworks)
Enjoy your stay on Facebook and keep your memories refreshed.

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