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Fresh Content Can Boost Your Ranking In Some Cases

Fresh Content and Seo (Image source:- Moca)
Google has always tried to present the best results before the users. But instead of having relevancy as the sole factor in the ranking of web pages, now freshness also plays an important role. If you are the owner of a blog or a news site then definitely freshness is the signal Google is looking for. If you are adding fresh content regularly to your site then there are chances that you would rank high on Google, provided the other (199+ signals) are in favour of you. Let’s see the role of fresh content as per the theme of sites.

Blog- A blog is meant to be updated regularly. Hence, a frequently updated blog should weight more in the eyes of Google as compared to a blog that is less updated.

Company Website- If you are having a company website where there is no possibility to add fresh content on a daily basis then you don’t need to worry as this signal does not works for your website. Your ranking would remain safe even if you are not making changes into your site often.

Informative Sites- If you are the owner of a website that is providing informative content then freshness can play a 50-50 role. Some pages may require fresh content while others may not. For example, pages discussing history or discussing some research work are valued more if they are old and does not need frequent updation. But if you are discussing about budget can change every year.

News Sites- As the name suggests itself, news sites are there for providing fresh news to its audience, and hence it is a strong contender in the race of fresh content.

Here is a video from Matt Cutts. Explaining the relevance of fresh content and rankings:- 

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