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Google Human Quality Raters Do Not Influence a Website Rankings Directly!

Matt Cutts has confirmed it in the latest Google Webmaster video that human quality raters do not influence a website rankings directly. It is worth mentioning that Google employs quality raters in order to judge the relevance of the search results and it takes decisions based on the feedback received by the quality raters.

Google Search Quality Rater
Quality Raters are a part of Google algorithm updates (Image credit:- Pandia)

The Process

Let's give you an idea about the process that exactly happens before any algorithm update by Google:-

1- The algorithm team presents a set of results before the quality raters. Two results are presented side by side, one with the update and the other one without it.

2- The search quality raters then decide which among the two presented results are relevant and votes them up.

3- The feedback returned from the raters are analyzed by the algorithm team and if passed is implemented into the main algorithm.

4- The end product that comes to us is given the name Panda, Penguin etc.

Hence, it's better to say that real human beings do not directly impact the individual search results but are surely a part of the entire process. We should not follow this misconception that quality raters influence a search result directly.

Here is a video from Matt which would give you more knowledge regarding this topic:-

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Nabeel said…
Very informative post. I was thinking that real people may be involved somehow in this process.

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