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Google To Take Action Against Spammy Guest Blogging Activities

Google action against guest blogging
Guest Blogging- Penalize or Reward? Choice is yours! (Image credit:- speakupaustin)
If you are allowing too much of irrelevant guest post articles on your blog then this news can come as a shocker to you. Google is set to penalize websites that allow irrelevant guest post articles which ultimately links to irrelevant backlinks.

Matt Cutts has recently posted a video on You Tube suggesting that guest posts must come from relevant authors and the quality of the post should be of good standard in order to skip the penalization. Sites that are allowing spun content to be published on their sites in the name of guest blogging are surely to be penalized sooner or later.

What to do?

In order to make guest blogging work for you, follow the guidelines mentioned below:-

For Guest Bloggers

1- Approach webmasters that belong to your niche. Submit posts that are of high quality and user friendly.
2- Do not try and submit spun content.
3- Do not link to websites that are not related to the theme of your article.

For Webmasters

1- Do not publish low quality guest posts.
2- Check the authenticity of the guest blogger before posting the article.
3- Check the quality of the links contained in the guest post.
4- Check the submitted article for duplicate content or spun content.

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