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How to Measure Your Social Media Influence

Social Media plays an important role in making the business popular and generating successful leads. Measuring the impact of your social media influence is vital to stand apart from your competitors and take appropriate actions in order to receive more exposure.
Measure your social media influence (Image source:- iloveseo)

Social Media Referral Traffic
The best way to judge the social media influence your site is receiving is by tracking your social referral traffic via Google analytics. The popular tool from Google that is available free of cost to webmasters helps to analyze the amount of referral traffic from social media their website is receiving. It also shows the successful conversions, the bounce rate, the time spent on site among other relevant metrics.

Counting the Number of Followers and Likes
The easiest way to measure the real impact your site is getting on social sites is by counting the number of followers of Twitter and the number of likes on Facebook. These two social media giants are enough to give you an idea about the attention your website is receiving.

Counting the Number of RSS Subscribers
RSS feeds are an awesome to receive referral traffic and counting the number of rss subscribers presents before you the social influence your hard work is generating.

Measuring Your Social Shares
You may count the number of shares on Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit, Jumptags, etc. These websites are popular enough to receive the attention of the audience.

Valuing Backlinks
Analyzing your backlinks on social blogs, web 2.0 sites is a better way to judge the popularity of website .Every backlink shared goes a long way in making your website popular to rank well.

Tracking Google Alerts
You may place a Google alert for your brand name and the next time your brand name gets mentioned anywhere on the web, you are notified by Google. This helps you to track your overall influence on the World Wide Web.

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