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Optimizing for Baidu

Baidu is the most popular search engine in China. If your business needs targeting Chinese audience, then Baidu is the search engine that you should target even before Google. It was established in 2000 by Robin Lee and Eric Zoo. It mostly caters to the needs of the Chinese community and is better known as "Chinese Google".


How to Optimize Your Website for Baidu

Optimizing your website for Baidu requires the old school seo techniques in making your site more search engine friendly by having search engine friendly meta tags, better accessibility and authority backlinks. Being a Chinese language search engine, your content needs to be in Chinese, your site needs to be hosted in a Chinese location, needs to have backlinks from Chinese sites in order to get the benefit of good rankings.

Title and Meta Tags

Meta tags are probably one of the first seo elements you need to look in order to optimize your website for Baidu. Your website and all its inner web pages must have proper title and meta tags(both meta description and meta keyword tags, although keyword tags are constantly fading away) using the important keywords to help Baidu understand the contents of the web page.

Chinese Content

Your site needs to have content in Chinese language. Remember, it is a Chinese language search engine. People use Baidu search in Chinese language, not in English language so its more of a common sense to have Chinese content in your site. Recently, Bing has partnered with Baidu to present English search results for Baidu. But, still Chinese is what rules the Baidu community.

Chinese TLD

Your site needs to have a Chinese top level domain .cn or to get the maximum positive optimization results.

H1-Hn Tags

The same Google rule applies here. Highlighting your main content under heading tags can go a long way in helping your web pages rank better on Baidu.

Alt Tags

Having proper alt tags for images contained on the content helps the search engine determine the content present on the image and helps your web pages to rank for the respective search queries.

Better Crawlability

Site must have better crawlability and must prevent the search engine crawlers to keep guessing. Having bradcrumbs, text links to connect with the inner pages, sitemaps, robots.txt etc. all contribute for the Baidu crawlers to easily crawl a website. Navigation is important and your site must have a clear structure with clear navigation. Avoid using flash and JavaScript as Baidu crawlers have difficulty in parsing contents contained in Flash.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Baidu is really strict regarding duplicate content and it penalizes sites having duplicate content. So, make sure your site has quality and original content.


Like every search engine, Baidu relies heavily on links coming to your site and ranks your site based on that. Having quality backlinks can help your site rank better on the this Chinese search engine. Remember, the quantity of backlinks still relies heavily for Baidu.

Fresh Content

Every search engine loves website having fresh content, so make sure your site is regularly adding fresh content in order to make Baidu trust your site and return to it more often.

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