Friday, November 9, 2012

Reddit To Invest In Gold- Are You Ready?

Reddit views rose to around 3.8B in October 2012 and now Reddit has decided to invest in gold to help its members get more benefits and earn more revenue.

Here are the stats at a glance:-
Reddit stats 

What Reddit Gold can offer you:- 
(Image credit:- Reddit)

1- See upto 100 subreddits.
2- You can view your karma per subreddit.
3- Highlight unread comments.
4- Comment saving and filtering.
5- Avoid the display of ads.
6- Add notes.
7- See more stats.
8- Access to lounge area.
9- Free testing of new features.
10- A free trophy which gets displayed on your personal page.

References:- Reddit Blog
                    Reddit Gold

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