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Search Engine Optimization Or Search Experience Optimization?

The battle starts with Matt openly discussing in a video that search engine optimization should better be known as search experience optimization. As per Matt, Seo is not about link building but making websites that are easily crawlable and provide a good user experience.

As per my opinion, Link Building is the most important part of Seo that involves various techniques. Some of them work really well and gives good returns to the businesses which invests in search engine optimization. Link Building would continue to be a part of the search engine optimization as it not only helps in increasing the visibility of the site but also helps to get referral traffic. Link Building is not bad as every business wants to have their brand name visible from as many web properties as they can. But, the way we build links is definitely an issue. Link building must be done keeping in mind the user experience and the link builder must avoid creating spammy links.

Matt is right, Seo should concentrate on making their website both search engine friendly and user friendly. They must focus on having good content, better crawlability, social media promotion etc. A site must improve its quality first in order to rank higher on the search engines.

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