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SEO Effect of Links to URL'S Ending With a Campaign Tag

Dynamic sites often face the difficulty of having inbound links pointing to the Url's ending with a campaign tag (?hl=en ) as in ( etc. There are several ways through which you can capture the full value of link. These methods are explained below:-

Use rel Canonical Tag

The first option to capture the full value of link is by using the rel canonical tag. This tag can be included in the head area. It helps the search engines to find out the main url out of the several urls that your site might be creating. This helps in passing the full value of inbound links to the main url.

Use 301 Redirects

The second option is using a 301 redirect where you may redirect the page ending with campaign tag which you don't want to index to your main url. This helps in passing almost the full value of the link juice.

Use URL Parameter Tool

Google provides a special tool to solve this issue by way of url parameter tool. If you are able to find unnecessary urls which are creeping into the search results without providing any real value to the user. You can tell Google which characters to consider in the url content and which ones to leave.

Here is a video from Matt Cutts, explaining the techniques in detail:-

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