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Best Cities To Find SEO Jobs And Salary Ranges of SEO Professionals

Seo industry is growing at a tremendous pace and new job opportunities are increasing. The below infographic shows the best cities to find Seo jobs and the average salary ranges of Seo professionals. This infographic is based on a recent study conducted by conductor. As per the infographic, New York is the best city to work as a Seo followed by San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston. Most common Seo job titles in the industry are SEO/Marketing Manager, SEO Specialist, SEO Analyst/Strategist, Director of Marketing, Account Manager and SEO Coordinator/Associate. If we talk about the salary ranges then Director of Marketing is the most highly paid out of these with around $94,836 yearly income. Have a look at the infographic and analyze the way seo industry is progressing.


Seo jobs salary guide

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