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Create Viral Facebook and Pinterest Images with Memecrusher

People like images more than text and this has been proved again and again. Posts than contains images receives more interaction from the users than ordinary text shares. This has been proved on Facebook as the maximum visibility posts have an image in some form or the other. Its noteworthy to talk about Pinterest which is an image sharing website that has achieved immense popularity by providing an amazing platform for sharing images. Marketing on these websites can make your brand visible to millions of eyes as the combined audiences for these sites are more than 1 billion. That's a huge number isn't it?

Now, the question arises as to how can you market your brand easily on these social media platforms by making use of images in a convenient and effective manner. Memecrusher is a revolutionary software that can help you in making image sharing really easy.

What is Memecrusher?

Memecrusher is a software which allows you to create and share viral images on Facebook, Wordpress and Pinterest. It has inbuilt image finding and sharing facilities that makes social sharing damn easy. You can customize the images, put in your brand name on the images and set the size,color, font etc in an easy platform.

3 Simple Steps for Creating Viral Images

Step 1

Choose a template of your choice which would serve as a background of your main image to be shared on your preferred social media platform.

Step 2

Customize the image as per your brand needs. Memecrsuher provides you with the ability to add your own text to the image, change fonts, color, effects etc. This gives your image a unique touch and helps it to go viral. You may also use the inbuilt database of images and quotes to perform your sharing task much quicker.

Step 3

After your image is ready, you may post it into your favorite social platfroms like Facebook, Pinterest or Wordpress. This makes your sharing easy.

Watch this video and find out how to do it yourself!

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