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How to Create Compelling Content That Generates Social Shares and User Love

Content is what everyone is looking for when searching for information on the search engines. Few lucky sites get themselves ranked high and get immense traffic. Huge traffic gives way for conversions and ultimately profits starts to rise. Now the big question arises as to how we can create compelling content that gets the love of the users and ranks high on the search engines making way for traffic and conversions. Here are some tips for creating compelling content for your website.
Create Compelling Content (Image credit:- digett)

Write for Your Audience

Your content must be created keeping in mind your preferred audience. Remember search engines would follow the likes of the users so if you are writing for the users and getting the love of the users then the search engine’s sophisticated algorithm might pick it up and rank your site up. Such is the power of user engagement. Hence, it becomes extremely important to write whole heartedly for the users. It is better to follow the guidelines of Seo copy writing when writing content.

Choose User Friendly Page URL

When your content is ready for publishing then you will have to make choice regarding the url structure. Best way is to opt for a user friendly as well as search engine friendly URL structure. If your content says “guide to seo” then having a file name “guide-to-seo” would work best.

Use H1 and Bold Tags to Highlight Important Points

H1 tags and bold tags helps the search engines to identify the most important parts on a web page. It also helps the user to quickly identify the important points in a web page. This leads to a better user experience and votes your site up in contributing towards search experience optimization.

Use Images (Probably an Infographic or similar kind of image)

Images are loved by users. Content without images are less likely to be shared when compared to content having user friendly images. Informative images compel people to link back to your site or to share your site in the social media channels. This really works and has been proved again and again.

Use Alt Tags

Images with alt tags and title help the user as well as the search engines to correctly identify the contents of the image. The search engines can’t see the content of the image; therefore they rely heavily on alt tags to get an idea about the image. On the other hand, if the image is unable to load due to some reasons, alt text aids the user to identify the possible image that is missing.

Use Videos if Necessary

Having videos in your web pages increases the total time spent by a visitor on your site. If your content demands a video then go ahead and add it on your site. Nowadays, internet speed has increased considerably and videos take a much lesser time to load.

I always prefer a web page having both content with video and not the video alone. Video transcription can come handy if you are finding it difficult to find content to the web page having the video.

Use Social Sharing Widgets

Always provide various ways for social sharing. When people visit a site, they look for social sharing widgets if they find the content presented on your site to be useful. Social sharing widgets eases the task of the user and makes sharing damn easy. Absence of these widgets into every single webpage of your website will make your brand lose some of the vital social shares which otherwise be of so much importance in making your site popular.

Provide Internal Links

Internal linking gives users a chance to find more information related to the main content presented on the web page. Having relevant internal links helps to decrease the bounce rate and aids in proper flow of the Page Rank.

Provide References to Popular Resources

If your webpage has collected information from a variety of sources then it is better to cite those sources at the end of the main content. This would make your page look genuine and more authoritative.

Invite Reader Comments

The best way to increase user engagement in your site is by inviting user comments. Make it easy for the user to comment on your site and encourage communication.

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