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Importance of Content for Seo in Post Panda World

Content is the most important factor for search engine optimization in a post Panda world. Search engines rate a site based on the relevancy of content and therefore, one of the primary factors for ranking on search engines is having quality and user friendly content.

Here is what Matt Cutts says "Try to make a site that is so fantastic you become an authority in your niche"

As shown in the infographic below, content fuels Google organic traffic with 92% marketers in support of having effective content for seo.

Infographic Source:- Brafton

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Anonymous said…
Nice Blog !!
rashell smith said…
The two major factors necessary for a website to get ranked are back link and the content. Quality content increases the keyword density of the website. Pages and websites are crawled by ‘bots’ that are web based programs at regular intervals. These robots collect the information corresponding to the content and then search engines distribute the results to the users. So the content on your website should be quality content. For more information related to SEO content you can visit this
Paddy OToole said…
Good quality content on the website is winning the battel of avhieving more visibility in the search engines. Google Panda update is the clear explanation of this point. For more information, you can visit this blog post: