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mod_pagespeed for Apache Helps Your Site To Load Faster

Page speed is an important factor for search rankings. It has been openly said by Google that they take into account the speed of the web page while ranking web pages. mod_pagespeed is an Apache module that reduces the page load time and speeds up your website. It applies 40+ filters to optimize a website. The best part of this module is that it is open source and hence it is free to use. You can find the download options here. It needs to be deployed in the site hosting server.

Speed up your site (image credit :- Webmasterformat)

How does mod_pagespeed helps in increasing the page speed?

mod_pagespeed applies lots of custom filters and alters the HTML content or changes references to CSS, JavaScript etc to optimize the page speed. The applied filters depends on the structure of the site but it does not alters the look and behaviour of the site.

You can confirm with your hosting provider of they using mod_pagespeed to improve the site speed and if they are not then you can use it for your website by deploying it on your own server.

Find more information about mod_pagespeed here.

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