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Negative SEO- How to Keep Your Site Safe?

Negative Seo happens when your site is promoted negatively on the World Wide Web which results in loss of organic search engine rankings. Negative Seo can be done by your competitors in order to make your site lose its current rankings and instead promote their site higher on the search engines. This can be done by building bad backlinks to your site. These backlinks may come from sources which are considered as bad neighbourhood by Google. Some examples of these niches are casino and xx.

You need to keep an eye upon your backlinks with the help of Google Webmaster Tools and must remove the spammy looking backlinks by using Disavow links tool. The Disavow links tool would discredit those backlinks with your site and keep your site safe on the search engine rankings.

Here is a video from Google's Webspam Head, Matt Cutts explaining about Negative Seo. Have a look at it!

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