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Sites Similar to Pinterest

Pinterest is not the one of its kind. There are various other sites that are similar to Pinterest and offer you a unique way to share your images and create boards. All in a different way! These sites are shared below:-

Etsy- A website like Pinterest but with focus on shopping. It lets you create your own personalized shops (smilar to boards in Pinterest) and lets you adds items on it to sell it online.

Manteresting- A collective place for manly things. Manteresting shared stuff that are of interest to men. You can share images and organize your pictures into different benches.

Pinspire - Lets you share your inspirations in the form of images. It looks like a clone of Pinterest.

Dudespin- Allows you to share cool stuff for dudes. This sites allows you to share male oriented content with your friends by creating montages.

Stylepin - As the name suggest itself, it lets you share images related to style and fashion. Popular boards includes brands, accessories, dresses, shoes etc.

Zootool- It allows you to creative visual bookmarks. You can organize and share your favorite images, videos, documents and links under your profile.

Foodgawker- This site is for recipe lovers. You may share your favorite recipe images or find some exiciting idea for your next meal.

Gentlemint- Another site to share manly things. Share manly things and follow your passion.

Weheartit- Allows you to create your own inspiration gallery. You can collect your favorite images and start hearting them.

Piccsy- Lets you customize your experience by allowing you to subsribe to the most interesting category of images.

Trippy- Lets you share images of your favorite travel destinations, travel ideas, travel stories etc. You can plan your next trip by getting awesome travel ideas from Trippy.

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