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Track Your Site's Positions in Multiple Search Engines with Rank Watch

Sahil Kakkar (The Rank Watch Man)
A new seo tool named "RankWatch" has been launched by an Indian entrepreneur Sahil Kakkar that will help to track accurate rankings of websites in multiple search engines. The owner claims that this tool has the most accurate results in the industry due to the power of advanced algorithm that works at the back end of the software. The best part is that it is fully automated and allows you to track rankings on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

RankWatch Features

  • 1- It presents accurate results.
  • 2- It allows for automatic notifications to track any changes in rankings.
  • 3- Seo agencies have the option to give separate logins to their clients to see search engine rankings for their URL only.
  • 4- It allows for rank tracking on multiple search engines.
  • 5- It allows for rank check on Google Maps as well.

Why RankWatch is Better?

As per the RankWatch blog - "As of now RankWatch is the only tool which provides Local rank tracking on a cloud based platform with the ability to check the rankings on autopilot with advanced Alerts which will let you know when any of your keywords start ranking or if any of the rankings fall down." It holds a great promise to become one of the best seo software in the world. 

If you are still struggling to make up your mind for opting for RankWatch then here is a side by side comparison of RankWatch with other popular software in the industry.

News Source:- Indiatimes

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