Monday, December 17, 2012

Using Google Trends to Find the Popularity of Keyword

Google Trends allows you to accurately view the total search volumes of any keyword at any particular time. It is an amazing tool which could be used to find the reason behind the top as well as worst performing keywords.

The below chart shows the search volume for the keyword "Seo".

The chart above shows interest over time for the keyword "seo". From this chart we can review that the keyword "seo" has increased in popularity from 25% in 2004 to around 79% in 2012. This is an immense growth of around 200% when compared with the year 2004. Hence, we can predict a possibility that this keyword has immense potential to grow in future.

In a similar manner, we can predict and compare the search volumes of keywords before finalizing them. Google Trends should be a part of keyword research as it gives us insight into real data.

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Amit Aadarsh said...

ya i was using it for a long time and it is a good one!

hiren chauhan said...

wanted to know about Google Trends from so long Today got the proper info!!
Really very good post and offcourse the blog!!