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What Does Google Think About Links From Article Marketing Sites

Article Marketing has always been an effective strategy for gaining backlinks. However, doing excessive of article marketing by way of article spinning or duplicate content may not help your site to rank well. Google has always worked to present its users with the most relevant content and one of the important metrics of finding high quality sites is backlinks. But, links from article marketing sites, widgets, blogs (when you are posting the same content in many blogs) etc. are not given that much weight when counting the popularity of a website.

An effective link building strategy would be to get as many natural backlinks to your website as possible. You can rely on article markrting but upto a limited extent. Publishing unique articles that give enough value to the user is a better link that getting hundreds of crappy backlinks all having the same content and anchor text.

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Seo Queen said…
It looks like a trouble if someone steal our article from EzineArticles and repost on their site with our links.