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Top 5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire Any SEO

The SEO industry is changing a lot and it is important to ask several important questions before you actually hire an SEO. Here are the top 5 questions to ask in an interview before you select any candidate. 

1- What is your biggest achievement as an SEO?
This question will help to judge the knowledge of the person regarding what he/she considers as the most important task of the work. If the answer is "I achieved top 10 rankings for x number of keywords" then the person is clearly not knowledgeable enough to get hired. When we talk about "biggest achievement", it should be really something big which had helped the company to succeed.
2- What is your biggest failure as an SEO?
Many will get scared of this question. A person who truly understands what SEO is all about have had several failures in the job. It is nothing to worry about. Failures are a stepping stone to success. The answer to this question will provide an understanding about the trustworthiness and knowled…

Expert Competitive Analysis Essentials- Top Tools and Strategies Discussed

Competition is constantly increasing and to increase the rate of conversions coming from your site, you need to think like an expert and use special tools that enhance your power to gather and analyze data. In a broader sense, competitor analysis (CI) is the study and analysis of data gathered from your competitors.
The Essentials- How to Perform Competitive Analysis like an Expert?
There are certain essentials which you must keep in mind before analyzing the data. These essential points are shared below:
Specify the Objectives- Before the start of any campaign, you must take some time and list down all your objectives which you are trying to fulfill from the campaign.
Identify Your Biggest Competitors- Create a list of your brand rivals. Instead of identifying the top 3 competitors related to your targeted keywords only, try and check the overall traffic of the top performing sites and analyze them separately.
Identify Strengths- The next step is Observe Their Products and Services- C…

Amazing Google Facts Infographic

Did you know that Google processes around 20 petabytes of information on a daily basis? Being the world's number one search engine of this world, almost every person using the internet uses Google at least once. The infographic shared below shares the amazing facts about Google.

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30 Ways to Create Natural Backlinks

Backlinks created by people other than you are known as natural backlinks. But, there are certainly some strategies used by SEO and webmasters which helps to earn natural backlinks to your site. For those of you who don't know the relevance of natural backlinks, links are the most important factor on which Google relies to judge the overall importance of a page. A site having high authority natural backlinks having natural anchor text has every chance of ranking well in Google.

Techniques to Build Natural Links

1- Add a "How to" Tutorial Section
People love "How to's" and you will be amazed to learn but it is true that a lot of people search with the keyword "How" in their search query. Adding a complete section of "How to's" will make the site more user friendly as many would be willing to link back to their favorite how to tutorial.
2- Add a "Videos" Section
People love videos. In order to fulfill the demands of the video shar…

3 Budgeting Tools to Help You Create the Ideal Social Media Marketing Budget

Every business owner needs to make sure that people know his or her business exists, what it does, how to find it, and how to get in touch. It's called marketing. Social media marketing - the strategy of using social media to drive traffic to your website and, therefore, your business - is the newest and arguably the most powerful incarnation of this concept. 
It may seem counter-intuitive to pay for social media marketing since Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are free, but a good marketing strategy that gets the most out of these powerful tools in a way that matches your business plan is not easy and may cost some money. Follow this guide to budgeting for social media marketing. 


Good software is at the heart of every budget - and the good news is, this aspect of your social media marketing budget shouldn't impact your budget at all. Free, web-based programs such as not only don't cost anything to join, but since they're web based, there's no in…

Content Grouping in Google Analytics

Google Analytics has recently introduced a new feature of "Content Grouping" which allows the webmasters to group content into logical structures. Grouping the content helps the site owners to take informed decisions about specific categories on their site as a group as opposed to taking decisions on a page level basis. This is simply excellent and is a good move by Google.


For example for a retail clothing site, you might group content into men and women, then on each of these groups, we can create sub groups like T-shirts, jeans, outerwear and shoes.

Content grouping can be done by 3 ways:

1- By modifying the tracking code by each group you want to track.
2- By creating rules
3- By creating Regex (regular expression).

More information can be found here:

After you have set up your content groups by using any of the above methods as listed above, you can see content groups as a primary dimension in your analyt…

Track Santa With Google's Santa Tracking Tool- MERRY CHRISTMAS 2013

Santa Claus is out for distributing sweets and presents to all of you. You can track the current location of Santa with Google's special Santa Tracking Tool for Christmas. wishes all its readers MERRY Christmas 2013 and a very Happy New Year 2014. Keep reading and keep enjoying your life to the fullest. May Santa fulfill all our wishes.

A/B Testing- How to Increase Conversions and ROI?

A/B testing is one of those techniques which helps to identify the web pages which are helping the most in leading to conversions. This guide will teach you all the basic and advanced methods of A/B Testing.

What is A/B Testing?
A/B testing is a marketing analysis technique where two or more variations of a web page is tested against one other in order to find out the best performing one. It is also known  by the name if split testing. It can be used as a testing platform for determining the success of web pages, email campaigns, advertisement campaigns (like adwords) etc.

Areas Where A/B Testing is Used?
A/B testing can be used in almost any area where customer interaction needs to get tracked. Businesses always look for successful leads and tries to find out what is the best way to engage customer interaction and persuade them to buy their products and services. Some of the areas where A/B testing finds a place are given below:

Identifying the best converting landing page
Tracking E-…

51 Secrets You Didn’t Knew About Google!

Google is the world's largest and most loved search engine providing accurate results to its users. However, Google is much more beyond that. There are several unexplored and unrevealed secrets about Google which most people do not know. What are these secrets? Find out the 51 lesser known secrets about Google search engine below: 

1-     Google makes around 550 plus search ranking algorithm improvements every year. This number is huge and indicates that Google makes around 1-2 improvements every day!(Source-
2-     Google has constructed floating data centers by signing confidentiality agreements with the US government. These datacenters are built off the coasts of California. (Source-

3-     Google is slowly moving into creating robots. Android founder Andy Rubin has been made its founder. (Source:
4-     Google’s special self driving cars have successfully covered more than 300,000 miles of time on the road. (Sou…