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Clean Up Your Facebook Profile with Facewash

Facebook has collected a vast amount of information about yourself that is displayed on your Timeline. Now , all these stuff may have some posts that are "dirty" in some way or the other. It is almost impossible for you to hunt down every single piece of dirty post, comment or link that your Facebook profile contains located in any corner of your Facebook Timeline.

Facebook profile clean up app (Image source:-
The dirtiness can be cleaned up in a smart and easy manner  by making use of an amazing Facebook profile clean up App called It is really easy to clean up all those dirty little jokes that you may have shared on your profile.  It has been developed by researches of Kent State University. Daniel Gur, chief researcher created the app along with his two friends Camden Fullmer  and David Steinberg.

Download the App

To begin using the app, download it here:-

How Does it Help to Clean Up Your Facebook Profile? comes with a precomipled list of words that are considered dirty. You may also add up your own list and start searching for posts,comments or links that are posted in your timeline which contains those set of words. You may then click on the specified link and delete or privatize the post as desired. Happy Facefreshing with

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