Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Display Event Related Data From Your Website on Google Search Results with Data Highlighter

Google had recently enhanced its set of webmasters tools allowing site owners to display event related data from the website on the search results by using data highlighter. It is a point and click tool used to highlight event related data from an event page. This is done hassle free and automatically without having to worry about any HTML markup.

Where to find Data Highlighter?

You can find data highlighter under "Optimization Tab" in the Google Webmasters Tool dashboard.

How the Results Gets Displayed?

The image below shows the way Google displays the event related data from your event page after you have highlighted the important parts using the data highlighter tool.

data highlighter
Data Highlighting of Events

Components of Data Highlighter

The several components of data highlighter are given below:-


Official Url
Type Price

For more information watch the video below:-

Important links:-

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