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Izik -The New Tablet Optimized Search Engine Launched By Blekko

Blekko, one of the newest search engines competing with Google has launched a new tablet optimized search engine called "Izik" (Pronounced Eye-Zik). Izik is new in the way that it presents content sorted by various categories like "Looking For" (Similar to I'm Feeling Lucky in Google), "Quick Answer", "Top Results", "Images", "Latest" etc. Blekko has produced a new and innovative way of surfing the web from your tablets that requires less typing. Now, let's go for an Izik joyride:-

izik: take search for a joy ride from blekko on Vimeo.

Here are a few screenshots for some particular queries entered on Izik.

Showing results for the query "Gifts for Men"

Results returned are quite impressive as the top results returned are relevant containing links to popular gift shops.

Showing results for the query "Pizza Stores in NYC"

Results returned are relevant but Google provides a far better result with relevant Google Places Listings.

Showing results for the query "Tom Cruise"

The search results are relevant and useful.

Try Out Izik

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