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Optimize Your Hotel's Presence on Google Hotel Finder

Websites depending on organic seo for getting them ranked on top for searches like "hotels in xyz city"  or "hotels in xyz" are seeing diminished traffic to their sites, all thanks to "Google Hotel Finder". You can find a popular hotel near your area with the best user reviews (along with sponsored hotels) in the Google Hotel Finder. The concept is similar to what popular travel websites like Tripadvisor and Expedia were doing since a long time. Now, Google is trying to explore this ever fruitful travel market with its hotel finder.

Here are a few snapshots of how Google Hotel Finder presents information to its users:-

View when searching for hotels in London,UK
View when searching for hotels in London,UK

View when searching for hotels in NYC
View when searching for hotels in NYC

Optimizing your website's presence in Google Hotel Finder is necessary if you want to generate good leads. People would directly search for hotels in their preferred destination and you will miss out if your hotel is not listed in the top 5 listings (which is default number of listings displayed with respect to a particular query on hotel finder), leaving 1 for sponsored listing.. Now, let's discuss on how can you get your hotel listed in the hotel finder.

How to Include Your Hotel in Google Hotel Finder?

The hotel finder uses data from Google Places Listing to show the most popular hotels within that area. Remember, its just for hotels, not for restaurants and cafe. In order to improve your presence on hotel finder, you need to sign for Google Places listings (If you haven'e yet) and list your business there. Then you need to optimize your hotel as per the factors mentioned below:-

1- Offer best services to your customers in order to increase the number of reviews on Google Places Listing. The more genuine user reviews, the better the chances of listing.

2- Provide a suitable description about your hotel on your Google Places account. Do not stuff keywords in it, optimizing does not means that. Tell the people about your hotel and the facilities you provide.

3- Add your business on popular hotel listing sites like Tripadvisor,, Orbitz,Expedia,Travelocity,Easytobook,, etc. The more booking partners you can find, the better it is.Google will automatically gather data it finds from these sites as well as the Google local listing and would list your hotel if it finds it popular enough.

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