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SEO After Panda and Penguin Update- Infographic

Seo has changed a lot since the Panda and Penguin updates made by Google. The infographic below covers in detail about the old and new seo methods comparing them on a step by step basis and explaining the importance of new methods for giving your website that missing edge to rank higher on Google.

Courtesy of: Fuzz One Media

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Yevonne said…
Great post. The aim of the Penguin and Panda updates (or any other updates for that matter) is to target high-ranking / popular websites that has achieved that position through illegitimate means (mostly blackhat SEO techniques). Those updates are necessary to level the playing field. All Google wanted are reliable sites that they can return to the web users. Additionally, new site owners (even experienced ones) need not worry as nowadays there are various SEO tools (like the Colibri tool) to assist and make life easy for the webmaster.