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Seo Strategies For The Year 2013

New Year has come with lots of new promises and technologies. It's a big year for the search engine optimizers to replan their existing strategies in order to get the best results in organically ranking websites. Seo has changed a lot in the recent years and more changes and updates from Google are expected in the year 2013. The following strategies would work the best in helping a site raise its organic rankings.

Top SEO Methods for 2013

Content Curation

Article marketing has been replaced by content curation. It is a new way for marketing content utilizing the exisiting content rather than creating new ones. It saves time and gives best results. Some of the best sites to approach for content curation are,, bundlr, Pinterest, Kweeper, Shareist etc.


Infographics stand for Information Graphics. Webmasters and internet marketers are utilizing this visually powerful link building technique to build links to their website. The idea is simple- explain any topic with diagrams and text using any image creation programs or infographic creation software, add a embed option to it containing a link to your website and its done. People would start using the infographic by clicking on the embed link and in return you will get a link back to your website.

Guest Posting

Approaching other webmasters and telling them about your expertise in order to write a post or article for them in known as guest posting. Only qualified authors particularly niche specialists get the full value of guest posts along with a backlink to their website.

(Caution:- Google to take action against spammy guest blogging activities)

Author Rank

Now content has a straight ranking signal in the form of author rank. The higher your author rank, the higher the chances of your content to rank up on the search engines. Gaining author rank is not easy and takes time and patience. To learn more about author, please visit:- (Author Information)

Social Media Signals (Especially Google Plus)

Social media signals are a strong factor in the ranking of a website. Google Plus is the most important.The more plus ones your content gets, the greater the chances for it to rank higher up on the search engines provided the other ranking factors are in favour of the content. Tweets, Plus Ones, Likes are all great ways to increase publicity of your site.

Utilizing Link Bait

Link Baits are the toughest, smartest and the best way to obtain links for your site. Every site needs a separate strategy to create link baits in order to get as many links to their site as possible.

Optimizing for Mobile

Mobile searches are increasing day by day. You need to optimize your site for mobile audience to get mobile traffic diverted to your site without increasing the bounce rate. (For more information, see:- Mobile Seo)

Focussing on Rich Snippets

If your website falls into the category of one of those special sites suitable for displaying rich snippets then you must utilize the full power of it. Rich snippets helps to display detailed information about the content intended to help the users with specific queries. Some of the niches where rich snippets are a must to be added are food and recipes, product reviews, services reviews, music sites etc. (Read more:- rich snippets)

Ranking Mobile Apps By Reviews, Social Signals etc.

2013 is the year where Seo's would be required to rank mobile apps along with the website. Hence, focusing on ranking a mobile app becomes important. A mobile app can be ranked by optimizing various signals like number of reviews, number of downloads, presence of the app on other app directories etc.

Analyzing Webmaster Metrics Seriously

Google has started to seriously consider metrics such as bounce rate, CTR, amount of time spent on site etc. in order to judge the user friendliness of the site.

(Recommended reading:- How to decrease bounce rate)

Adding Fresh Content 

The Panda Update which analyzes the quality and freshness of the content loves websites which have original and fresh content in them. Hence, Seo's need to focus on creating websites that have fresh and relevant content to get the love of Panda.

(Recommended reading:- Fresh Content Can Boost Your Rankings in Some Cases)

Removing Spammy Backlinks

Google recently launched a tool called the "Disavow Tool" which helps the webmasters to disavow links from spammy sources that links to their site. This tool can come handy for webmasters whose sites have been penalized by the Penguin update.

Targeting the Brand Instead of Only Keywords

Keyword focusing seo needs to be changed into brand focusing seo. Google loves brands and hates sites optimized for specific keywords. It attaches the importance of brands to specific keywords and ranks them accordingly. The optimum approach for an seo is to increase the brand value of a site focusing on your keyword theme.

Diversity in Backlink Sources and Anchor Text

Diversity in the sources of backlinks and the anchor text is required in 2013. You cannot expect a site to rank higher using similar anchor text keywords. Varying your anchor text while building links to your site is necessary to avoid penalty resulting out of the Penguin update.

Last but not the least, have a look at this excellent infographic predicting the Seo Trends for 2013

Infographic Credit:- Informza

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Social signals will be important this year of 2013. That's why being active in those social media sites will help us a lot to boost traffic and build relationship with the other.

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